Why Was the Mage Tower Challenge Removed from World of Warcraft

Do you know why the Mage Tower Challenge was removed from the World of Warcraft game? If not, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss all the reasons for the same.

The Mage Tower challenge is a complicated battle in the game. Therefore, many players fail in it. The only way in which you can beat it is by gaining sufficient knowledge about everything. Now, you have the option to get help from many websites and platforms. However, you might have to look for a suitable one.

Everyone playing WoW wants to beat all the challenges in the game within a short period. What do you think? Is it that easy? Well, it depends on the player’s experience. Suppose someone knows when, how, and where to use some strategies, he will succeed. That is why beginner players hesitate while participating in any challenge because they know someone will take their place. One can remove this hesitancy by learning various techniques and methods to earn rewards. We will also provide you with some tips for playing this game.

Let’s get into it without wasting any more time.

What were the reasons behind removing the Mage Tower Challenge from World of Warcraft?

Here are some reasons why the WoW team removed it from the game:

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  • People started thinking it was not a practical challenge: Many players often complained that they didn’t get any rewards after the 910 level. Due to this, they didn’t want to play this challenge any further. But still, some other players liked to play it. Most players claim that the challenge was exciting and perfect until they were at 900 or more levels. So, maybe that is why the WoW team considered removing it.
  • To make the players happy and satisfied: One thing that all companies in the gaming industry focus on is players’ satisfaction. They prepare the round according to the requirements and preferences of the users. The World of Warcraft team also kept this thing in mind and decided to remove this challenge. It was not making the users happy.

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  • Similar to Brawler’s guild: Some players had a problem with the Mage Tower challenge because it was identical to Brawler’s guild. Most of the people didn’t even like it because it was pretty dull.

Every game needs to have some competitive battles to impress players all over the globe. The Mage Tower challenge was a good one. But after some time, people seem to dislike it. During that time, the game was not in a good position.

  • Designed according to the class skills, artifact traits, and balance: The Mage Tower challenge might seem like a fascinating battle. However, it is based on the artifact traits, skills, and balance. Therefore, nobody liked to participate in such a thing.

Is the Mage Tower challenge still banned?

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No, now the company has decided to re-release it. Why? Because they realized the importance of considering people’s preferences. Earlier, they never asked the customers about the same. They modified the game after people started losing interest in marriage. You can now play it if you want to.

What are the tips to become a better player in World of Warcraft?

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If you want to achieve some rewards, you have to concentrate on the round level. After that, you will quickly make judgments regarding the game. Here are some tips to enhance your overall performance in the game.

  • Play it alone without any interventions: You must play the challenges without any distractions. It shot, you know why? Because you will gain more knowledge as well as be more satisfied. If you are a beginner player, you should not forget to play it alone for practice. You need to be careful as well.
  • Read the quests’ description: Another crucial way to start the challenge is reading the description. When you know everything about the rounds, you will make the right decisions. There is always a risk of losing the game if you don’t read the description of various quests.
  • Keep your guides in handy: Every professional player takes care of keeping the guides with them throughout the end. Sometimes, searching for a destination becomes a challenging task. So, you should always be aware of using them while playing. Otherwise, you will be lost.
  • Be friendly and communicate with other players: Communication and friendliness are two things that every player must consider. You will find a variety of players from different countries. They might be better than you. So, you can also learn different strategies to improve your performance in the game.

On the contrary, if you decide to talk disrespectfully with them, you will be out of their group. You should never make this mistake, no matter where you are.

  • Gain as much knowledge as you can: You might already have heard that the more you gain, the more chance of winning you have. So, you should always try to learn as many techniques and strategies as possible. Some beginner players often think that gaining knowledge is not that essential. They fail to recognize it. You should not avoid it if you want to achieve good results by playing the game.
  • Collect various weapons: If you have enough equipment, you can clear and best every challenge effortlessly. So, try to collect them whenever you get a chance.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we can say that the Mage Tower challenge was removed because of valid reasons. But now, it’s not the case; you can check out the release dates on various websites.