5 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Automated Machines

When it comes to owning an automated industrial machine, you should know that regular maintaining is crucial for normal functionality. That means you will keep the quality standard of the performances. If you are keeping the machine in a good condition, you can prevent the occurrence of malfunctions and rust. Remember, when you take care of things, they last. It is the same with automated machines. The equipment will last longer, and it will some major replacements of the parts will probably be unnecessary. With that in mind, you can reduce repair costs and actually save money. Interestingly, the life of a maintained automated machine can last even for 20 years. On the other hand, the efficiency of the machines that were not kept maintained, start to dilapidate after a couple of years.

Nowadays, robots and machines are often being used in the manufacturing sector. Most factories use industrial robots on factory lines and manufacturing floors for high production to keep up with increasing consumer demand.

Now, when we gave you a clear insight into how important maintenance for the automated machine is, let’s get to the point and find out some tips on how to take care of the machine to keep it in a good shape for a long time.

1. Identification

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The first step when it comes to the proper maintenance of the machine is finding the adequate maintenance method for a certain model. More precisely, every automated machine model, based on the features and design requires a different type of care. We will suggest you consult with the service you got the machine from, so you can understand what your machine model needs. When you have a clear picture of how the automated machine operates and functions, as well as procedures for resolving common machine failures, you can start with a maintenance process. In other words, you can start following the list of the parts in the machine you need to check. The first thing you need to do is to check all the components and see whether you need to replace some parts. After that, we suggest you check the levers, hinges, and bolts, so you can be sure that everything is tightened. Despite that, you need to clean the camera and vision system from the dust. As the last thing, you should clean the whole machine to ensure there is no debris left, so it can work properly and effectively.

2. Make a maintenance plan

The essential part of the maintaining procedure is to create a schedule where are you going to perform it. It is necessary to make this a part of your routine, so you do not forget about the task.

When you are scheduling maintenance tasks in the period when production does not work and the machine is not running, you can ensure that you are not disturbing production goals. It is up to you how often you will schedule a maintenance plan. When you are deciding on this, you need to consider how frequently the automated machine is running and how often you are using it. Some tasks will require a significant period of time, so you also need to make sure you will make enough time for finishing everything. For instance, maybe you will need to only tight the bolts and clean the vision system. On the other hand, maybe you notice that some part needs to be replaced. Because of that, is it always better to make enough space for every scenario.

3. Maintainance of spare parts for the automated machine

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When you are performing your regular preventive maintenance, you can notice that some part of the equipment needs to be replaced. It is always better to be prepared for those situations, so we suggest you keep the inventory of spare parts available and ready for use. In that way, you can avoid the scenario of production delaying. It would be best to ask your machine provider what spare parts do you need to purchase, so you could be prepared for the required installation. Keep in mind that is necessary to properly take care of those spare parts, as well. In that way, they will stay functional and in good condition. Some of the parts that are always needed are cables, light bulbs, air filters, power cords, bolts, screws, etc. If you are interested in finding some spare parts, you should check this out. It is a place where you can find out more about some of the parts you will potentially need.

4. Maintenance service

After you completed those three tasks we mentioned above which include identifying the appropriate maintenance, schedule, and purchasing spare parts, you need to determine who will perform the maintenance task. You need to find a reliable person, team, or service who will finish the job properly. If you hire experienced technicians, you can be sure that will go through the service checklist and identify potential issues in the automated machine, so they can perform a repair. Also, you need to ensure they will document all the maintenance checks and repairs, so you can have a clear picture of the condition of your machine and what did it go through with the conducted dates. You should know that after every maintenance performs, the document needs to be signed and submitted. We suggest you ask around, or search on the internet and find a credible service you can trust. If the service you want to hire, has a good reputation, you will not worry about your machines.

5. Commitment to the maintenance procedure

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When it comes to commitment to preventative maintenance, you should know that it includes many things. For instance, if you reduce the budget for maintaining or you forget to schedule the regular maintenance procedure, you can make big problems for your company. When you do not conduct regular maintenance, some parts in the machine will break or stop working, which will influence the quality of production. Also, the employees in the company can be unsafe with the unverified automated machines. The importance of preventive maintenance should not be taken for granted, so all managers and supervisors in the company must realize that. When they feel a responsibility for performing this task, they can ensure they are keeping everything under the control. Also, when maintenance is performed regularly, the lifetime of machines will be longer and machines will run more smoothly and more effectively.