5 Best Gold Dealers That Accept Bitcoin

Not only that both gold and bitcoin are mined, but they also represent one of the most popular ways to invest. Although the statement says that diamonds are forever, it is the gold that is the most cherished element throughout human history, and, yes, it has been like that since forever. When we talk about bitcoin, the odds are in favor that it will be even more valuable than it is today, while the cryptocurrency experts could not agree more with the fact that any type of trading that will occur in the future would be somehow related to the most prominent representative of digital cash. Thus, it is reasonable that you want to learn about the best gold dealers that accept bitcoin and secure your financial status most optimally.

When you look at the value of certain currencies, you should know that their realistic financial worth is closely dependent on the gold reserves of a particular country whose currency is in question. That leads us to the conclusion that money in paper form would not even exist if there was no gold to back it up. Particularly for that reason gold represents the most secure way to preserve the value of your finances and invest as much as you feel comfortable to save it for a rainy day.

On the other side of the story, we have bitcoin, which is the fastest-growing digital currency, and the trend that follows it should go nowhere but sky-high. Reasonably, since bitcoin is a currency, it has its ups and downs, and unlike the standard currencies, it is not backed up by gold reserves, but by the number of active users who support the blockchain. Certain individuals predict a bright future for the bitcoin and even predict it will break through the threshold of $100 000 before the end of 2024. While most of the bitcoin owners would be more than happy to experience the aforementioned predictions, absolutely no one can guarantee the outcome, therefore, it is reasonable to invest in something stable, such as gold and silver, and keep the value permanently.

1. JM Bullion

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If you want to obtain a certain amount of gold that is worth anywhere between $299 to $250 000, then JM Bullion could be the gold dealer you have been looking for. Namely, all you need to do is register at their website and provide your email address, and after the verification procedure, you would be good to go. Their website looks like a standard commercial platform where you choose the products you want to purchase and upon finishing you go to your cart and finish the payment. After taking care of the standard procedures, you should be receiving your gold at the address you have provided.

2. GoldSilver

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Apart from their claim to have the best price for their gold and silver products, they also ship their gold and silver worldwide, so you would not have to worry if you want to order from any part of the world. Apart from selling and delivering your gold in almost any quantity you are willing to pay in bitcoin, they also offer their 24/7 safekeeping in their highly protected vaults. Reasonably, keeping a certain amount of gold under your pillow might not be the safest of choices, so you should not take this type of offer for granted. If golden jewelry is the thing you want to spend your cryptocurrency on, they can provide you with that type of service as well. Golden bars and bullions are not the only form of gold you can invest your money in, so feel free and click here to find out more about how to spend your bitcoins on this and other valuable metals.

3. Bitgild

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If you visit Bitgild the first thing you will notice that you can both buy and sell gold and other precious metals for bitcoin. Apart from offering brand new gold coins of different origins, they also trade in large and small quantities, so you can choose what you need according to your wants and needs. Another important thing to mention about this dealer is that they are one of the biggest European gold trading platforms that accept not solely bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies. They even have a short DIY guide on how to test the gold you buy or already have, so you can establish that either you have a real deal in your possession or that you were scammed by fraudsters.

4. Vaultoro

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Switzerland is famous for its banking systems and money operations, so you might want to think about buying your gold from Vaultoro, a company that has been selling gold in various forms for about 7 years and counting. Apart from bitcoin, you can spend other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Dash on gold and silver coins and bars. Once you make a purchase, you can either pick your gold package up or have it sent to your address. What you can also learn from this website that specializes in gold trading are interesting facts about cryptocurrencies and find both literature and video materials about investments you might find useful.

5. Bullionstar

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If you by any chance happen to be in Singapore and want to buy gold and silver with a cryptocurrency, you should consider visiting Bullionstar and their showroom where you can trade in person. On the other hand, if Singapore is not your cup of tea and you prefer doing business online, you should stick to their website. Namely, they accept both bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies and you can both buy and sell gold and silver if you find their prices well-favored. They also offer additional discounts to crypto-paying methods from time to time, so you might want to check them out and see if there is anything that might interest you.

Hopefully, you will find the perfect dealer from the brand names mentioned in the lines above. A vast majority sticks to a partner they find reliable, so you might either use that approach or work with more than one dealer in order to make the most of the value you are willing to spend since prices can vary from time to time. Whatever your style of trading might be, we are sure that the pieces of information listed above will prove their usefulness if you put them to good use. Happy trading!