How to Flavor Your CBD Oil and Make It Tastier – 2024 Guide

Smoking products and the whole phenomenon of consuming them dates back centuries, perhaps even millenniums. As a pastime activity and a habit or as a religious thing, smoking tobacco and other products is one of the most widely spread things humans have come up with. In the 21st century, it seems that we have reached the peak of this now-industry due to the numerous alternatives and novelty items that have diversified the market and brought in a whole new range of consumers.

Current Smoking Situation


Everyone knows that traditional smoking of tobacco products and even chewing tobacco is unhealthy, even the most passionate consumers. Still though, they enjoy it. Alcohol and sugar are also bad and people enjoy them all the time, so why should smoking be any different? There are many questions and issues regarding smoking due to the very smoke that is created and the second-hand inhaling of people in the immediate surroundings. Then there is the smell of burning tobacco that gets into everything, from hair and clothes to the very furniture and even skin.

Enter Vaping


Over the years, smoking has become infamous as people want a healthier alternative to the habit they have and enjoy. Luckily, we got it in the form of vaporizers. Vaping has been mainstream for over a decade now and it is largely popular among the younger generations. However, both those who never smoked cigarettes and those who made the switch enjoy it equally. Again, there are certain concerns related to the overall health concerns with anything that is inhaled since our lungs are not made for that type of thing, but the industry is booming nonetheless.

Vaping is done through gadgets that have many names. Vapes, vape pens, e-cigarettes, pod vapes, box mods, oil pens… these are all different devices that do one and the same thing. They burn special oil that replaces tobacco and produces smoke. Some oils do not contain any special ingredients, while others contain CBD. It is these CBD oils that are the most popular due to the overall love for CBD products.

About CBD Oils and Taste


To distinguish it from THC, CBD lacks the psychoactive properties and is therefore regulated and largely legal. This allows numerous vaping stores and websites to sell oils of all kinds to the consumers who want to reap the many benefits of cannabinoid. What makes it different from everything else is that you can also consume the oil on its own, as well as use it as a topical cosmetic product.

As with other consumer items available in the world, CBD oils come in different types and varieties. Some are flavorless, others come with certain aromas. On its own, the oil has an earthy taste due to the hemp plant it comes from. CBD extract tastes grassy, and people often say that both of these are reminiscent of olive oil and oils from other plants used in cooking and as cosmetics. In truth, it is not a very appealing flavor or aroma, which is why commercial oils meant for vaping and other uses generally have pleasant taste and smell.

Masking the taste can also be done on your end, and in more ways than one. In the following section we talk about how you can mask the natural taste of cannabinoid oil and make it more enjoyable and pleasant. Learn more about CBD oils in general by checking out

Mixing It in the Vape Container


If you are vaping a CBD product that you do not like the aroma off, you can mix it with another oil that has a stronger and tastier flavor. Simply add a little bit of the better smelling and tasting oil into your vape container, allow it to mix on its own or stir it by shaking the gadget, and vape. It takes time before you come across the perfect combination but experimenting with different oils is a fun experience on its own. You can even mix a few of them together and make your own blend nobody else has.

Add to Food and Drinks


In case you are not a fan of vaping and smoking in general but still want the benefits of CBD products, the most effective way of consumption is orally. However, the taste is not that great as we mentioned which is why you should add it to drinks and food. Cookies and other sweets or snacks are the best for this type of culinary goodness. Another amazing way you can consume a lot of oil at once is by adding it to salads. Baking your own edibles is fun, just like people do with THC products.

Regarding drinks, coffee, tea, and other hot drinks work the best, just be sure to drink it all before it cools or the oil will separate from the water-based liquid. Cold drinks do not work that well with hemp oil apart from fresh smoothies. You will get it into your system but it will not be as effective.

Under the Tongue


This is called sublingual consumption, and it is very potent indeed. It will give you faster results than regular oral consumption too. However, you have to hold it there for at least a minute, not something everyone can do. To improve the taste, you will still need to put something else that will melt and be consumed alongside the oil. Chocolate cream or honey are quite nice, or a gummy/dragee candy that you can suck on and let melt.

Chaser Drinks


A chaser is any drink that you down immediately after drinking something else that is either too strong or has a bad taste. It serves to mask the foul taste or too much burning from an alcoholic beverage and is usually used when binge drinking. For CBD oils, it is best if you chase it down with something acidic like fresh orange juice or a lemonade. However, this gives slow results and less benefits as the oil will get watered down and your body will barely notice the effects.