50 Top Cloud Computing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Cloud Computing Multiple Choice Questions with Answers:-

1.  What is Cloud Computing replacing?
A.   Corporate data centers
B.   Expensive personal computer hardware
C.   Expensive software upgrades
D.   All of the above

2.  What is the number one concern about cloud computing?
A.   Too expensive
B.   Security concerns
C.   Too many platforms
D.   Accessibility

3.  Which of these companies is not a leader in cloud computing?
A.   Google
B.   Amazon
C.   Blackboard
D.   Microsoft

4.  Google Docs is a type of cloud computing.
A.   True
B.   False

5.  Which one of these is not a cloud computing pricing model?
A.   Free
B.   Pay Per Use
C.   Subscription
D.   Ladder
E.   Perpetual License

6.  Which of these is not a major type of cloud computing usage?
A.   Hardware as a Service
B.   Platform as a Service
C.   Software as a Service
D.   Infrastructure as a Service

7.  An Internet connection is necessary for cloud computing interaction.
A.   True
B.   False

8.  Which is not a major cloud computing platform?
A.   Google 101
B.   IBM Deep blue
C.   Microsoft Azure
D.   Amazon EC2

9.  “Cloud” in cloud computing represents what?
A.   Wireless
B.   Hard drives
C.   People
D.   Internet

10.  Which of these should a company consider before implementing cloud computing technology?
A.   Employee satisfaction
B.   Potential cost reduction
C.   Information sensitivity
D.   All of the above

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11. What exactly is cloud computing?
A. A way to organize desktop computers
B. Lightweight software that takes up little space on a hard drive
C. Computing resources that can be accessed on demand, like electricity from a utility
D. The World Wide Web
Ans: C.

12. What widely used service is built on cloud-computing technology?
A. Twitter B. Skype
C. Gmail. YouTube
E. All of the above
Ans: E

13. Which of these techniques is vital for creating cloud-computing centers?
A. Virtualization
B. Transubstantiation
C. Cannibalization
D. Insubordination
Ans: A

14. An internal cloud is…
A. An overhanging threat
B. A career risk for a CIO
C. A cloud that sits behind a corporate firewall
D. The group of knowledge workers who use a social network for water-cooler gossip
Ans: C.

15. Match the provider with the cloud-based service.
A. Amazon1. Azure
B. IBM2. Elastic Compute Cloud
C. EMC3. Decho
D. Microsoft4. Cloudburst

16. Cloud computing embraces many concepts that were previously touted as the next big thing in information technology. Which of these is not an antecedent of the cloud?
A. Software as a service
B. Utility computing
C. Remote hosted services
D. Grid computing
E. Desktop computing
Ans: E

17. IBM, EMC and Boeing Co. were among the companies signing what document whose title is reminiscent of a famous political statement?
A. Declaration of Cloud Computing
B. The Rights of Cloud
C. Mein Cloud
D. Open Cloud Manifesto
Ans: D.

18. The term “cloud computing” is a metaphor that originated in what?
A. Graphical depiction of computer architectures
B. Meteorological symbolism
C. Worries about an unclear future for computing architectures
D. The idea that computer users trust in magic
Ans: A

19. Link the cloud-based service on the left with the desktop or server application it is designed to displace on the right.
A. Google Docs1. Intel servers
B. Salesforce.com2. Microsoft Office
C. Mozy.com3. Oracle customer-relationship management
D. Amazon EC24. Backup disk
Ans: A

20. What August event was widely seen as an example of the risky nature of cloud computing?
A. The spread of the Conficker virus
B. Gmail outage for more than an hour
C. Theft of identities over the Internet
D. Power outages in the Midwest
Ans: B