100 Top Siebel System Admin Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

Siebel System Admin Multiple Choice Questions:-

1. Given a view how to determine business components, Choose 2
c. Business Objects references in Tools
d. Using Screen, ScreenViews
Ans: B, C

2. Which is NOT TRUE for
a. HintText=Applet
b. It is only used for Applet Template
c. It is only used for View Template.
d. Acts as a place holder for an applet
Ans: B

3. What happens when u drilldown on that task number ?
a. Task parameters
b. Task state values
c. Task Info Log
d. Task statistics
Ans: c

4. How to install SWSE, Choose 2
a. Start the required windows service
b. Invoke Install from eappweb
c. Install Web server
d. Shutdown and restart the siebel server
Ans: B, C

5. Steps for Internal Authentication, Choose 3
a. Start the workflow for user registration
b. Create Employee, Position, Responsibilities using Siebel client
c. Set-up the external directory
d. Use the user and account information provided by Authentication service
e. DBA, give proper grants to user
f. DBA, Create database Login
Ans: B, E, F

6. Use of grantusr.sql
a. To create Siebel grants
b. To create database user (SADMIN)
c. To install Siebel applications
d. Trigger file
Ans: B, A

7. Which of the following is TRUE if a user has a different set of Responsibilities
a. User can log on with the primary responsibility
b. User sees the Union of all responsibilities
c. User can see only one set of Views
Ans: B

8. Data access control is based on, Choose 3
a. User ID
b. Position
c. Organization
d. Responsibilities
Ans: A, B, C

9. If you don’t know the object type and the parent for the object definition how do you find in Siebel Tools
a? Use Type Tab
b. Use Detail Tab
c. Use Flat Tab
d. Use the Search Repository option
Ans: C

10. Where do you see Parent/Child relation for the object definitions?
a. Use Type Tab
b. Use Detail Tab
c. Use Flat Tab
d. All of Above
Ans: A

11. Best practice for modifying Business Component
a. Unused columns should not be deleted
b. Use Upgrade ancestor for future upgrades
c. Use specialized business components as templates
d. Modify an existing Business component to suite your requirement
Ans: D

12. When does Transaction Merger populate the conflict ID with a non-zero value
a. Update Record
b. Duplicate Record
c. Delete Record
d. Query Record
Ans: B

13. For proper working of Mobile Client
a. Use Transaction Docking = FALSE
b. Use Transaction Docking = TRUE
c. Use EXEC = TRUE
Ans: B

14. Generate New Database component does what
a. Create a new database
b. Create a Template for current Database Schema
c. Import Repository
d. Migrate Repository
Ans: B

15. Transaction Processor uses S_DOCK_TXN_LOG to create
a. DOKINGUSER directories
b. TXNPROC directory
c. To Synchronize remote client
d. To create compressed files for individual users
Ans: B

16. What are the following TRUE about a Join, Choose 2
a. Using Join one can achieve M: M relationship
b. Explicit Join Fields are read-only
c. Explicit joins need to be created in Tools
d. Joins are between two applets
Ans: B, C

17. Which of following is valid Task State Choose all that apply
f. Killed
Ans: c, f

18. S_PARTY_PER stores relations for, Choose 3
a. Employee & Position
b. User List & Users
c. Access Group & Members
d. Person & Employee
Ans: A, B, C

19. Which of the following are true for Template Files
a. Style sheet cannot be modified by the customer
b. Style sheet can be modified by the customer
c. Style sheets are stored in database
d. Style sheets have an extension of .swt
Ans: B

20. Using .ifb files we can do, Choose 2
a. Import archive
b. Specify an EIM Table
c. Do an Import, Delete, Merge and Export
d. Render UI Layer
Ans: B, C

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21. Back up the local remote repository, Choose 3
a. Add to Archive
b. Check-out from the server
c. Backup complete database file (use Copy/Paste)
d. Check-In to Server
Ans: A, C, D

22. If you lock project locally which is NOT TRUE then, Choose 2
a. You cannot check-in to the server
b. You can check-in to the server
c. You cannot undo your changes
d. You can use Tools->Unlock to unlock project
Ans: B, C

23. Mobile web client will use the following, Choose 3
a. Local Object Manager
b. Local Data Manager
c. Local SWE
d. Siebel Server
Ans: A, B, C

24. Initialization Parameter for the application engine
a. Configuration File ( .cfg )
b. Siebel Repository
c. Server Manager Task
d. File System Manager
Ans: A

25. For displaying application name (Splash Text ) from “Call Center” to “ABC Call center” change
a. Application Name
b. Application Title
c. Application SplashText
d. Application Text
Ans: C

26. Which is NOT TRUE to scroll vertically in List Applet record
a. Use Navigation button
b. Use Menu Button First Record
c. Use Menu Button Last Record
d. Use Vertical Scroll Bar
Ans: D

27. How do you register views
a. Application Administration->Responsibilities
b. Application Administration-> Views
c. Application Administration-> Utilities->Responsibilities
d. Application Administration-> Utilities->Views
Ans: B

28. How do you populate List of Values, Choose 2
a. Using Siebel Tools
b. Batch Load
c. Application Administration->List of Values
d. System Preferences->List of Values
Ans: B, C

29. How do you navigate through Screens, Choose 2
a. Application Administration-> Screens
b. Screen Tabs
c. View Tabs
d. View Site-Map

30. Advantage of frequent Synchronization, Choose 3
a. Reduces the number of modem connectivities
b. Easy Recovery
c. Saves Disk Space
d. Use less Synchronization session time
Ans: B, C, D

31.Which are the following Preinstallation tasks, Choose 3
a. Create OS A/C
b. Create masterdb
c. Create siebeldb
d. Identify Windows filesystem
e. Create and share filesystem
Ans: a,c,e

32.Why is OS account required?
a. Used to run Enterprise Server processes and components
b. Used to associate component groups
c. Required by optional Resonate Central Dispatch connection brokering software
Ans: a

33. Name of a file system
a. sieblfile
b. siebfile
c. filesib
d. siebeldb
Ans: b

34.What does invoke server installation program for Database server do. Choose 3
a. Copies repository data and seed data on to siebeldb
b. Install the DB Server Configuration utility and its associated files
c. Creates database schema
d. Creates database users
Ans: a, b, c

35.How do u install siebel SWSE
a. Run SWSE.exe
b Invoke eAPPWEB
c. Install Webserver and and give Eappweb as one of the components/parameters
d.Installing web server automatically installs SWSE.
Ans: b

36.How do u verify SWSE installation
a. Check the directories in c:siebesrvrSWSE
b. Check the logs in C:IIS
c. Check the virtual directories in personal web manger IIS
d.Check the logs in C:siebsrvrIISSWSE
Ans: c

37.Where do u find license keys?
a. User preferences
b. Application Administration
c. Group Administration
d.License key administration
Ans: b

38. Which of the following is true about customer data Choose 2
a. Includes dynamic, transactional data such as opportunities and orders
b. Is created and maintained by company administrators
c. Is created and managed by users of the application
d. Can have access controlled at the catalog and category level
Ans: a, c

39. Access Control Mechanisms for Customer data Choose all that apply
a. Personal
b. Position-based
c. Division-based
d. Team-based
Ans: a, b

40.Which of the following does not appear in show drop down for server administration
a. Component grou
b. Server Manager
c. Tasks
d. Server
Ans: b

41.From where do u enable/disable component groups
a. Enterprise configuration
b. Enterprise Operation
c. Server
d. Tasks
Ans: a

42.Out of following levels, at which level would, parameters take precedence/priority
a. Component Definition
b. Server Component
c. Task
d. Enterprise
e. Server
Ans: c

43. Which of the following mode is not valid as Server component mode
Ans: c

44.Which mode of components is automatically started upon Server Setup

a. Batch
b. Dynamic
c. Background
d. Interactive
Ans: c

45.Which mode run on client requests and does not require manual intervention
Ans: d

46.Which of following is valid component state Choose 4
a. Online
b. Running
c. Completed
d. Shutdown
e. Unavailable
f. Killed
Ans: a,b,d,e