100 Top RPA Interview Questions and Answers

RPA Interview Questions:-

1. Can you briefly tell me about yourself? (As usual Question )

2. How many years of experience you have in Robotics Process automation?

3. How many projects you have worked?

4. What do you know about RPA?

5. What type of automation you’re doing in an organization? Or in other words, Can you briefly explain to me the difference between Attended Automation vs Unattended Automation?

6. What’s your current project and explain about it?

7. What are the Automation Tools did you worked and how it differs from one to another? (Asked when if you having experience in several RPA tools)

8. Did you have any Programming experience? (Ask when required minimum knowledge in OOPS and Database SQL Queries)

9. What is the SDLC Process followed in your project and what is your contribution to every stage of SDLC?

10. What are the documents you used for creating for your RPA process? (This asks is about Business Requirement document, High level, and low-level documents).

11. How you will test your RPA automation task?

12. How will manage the changes in the existing process? (Ask is about Change Management and Reusable components development.) – (This Q may be asked for experienced candidates).

13. How will you identify a particular process is automatable or not?

14. How will you calculate effort and estimation for the process to automate (i.e., FTE calculation)?

15. What are the deployment methods you’re following in your process?

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16. Explain about RPA Source Code Management?

17. Can you explain about Code Standards and folder structures that you follow in your projects?

18. How will you handle secure data’s such as user passwords in your automation projects?

19. How will you integrate Third party API/ DLL’s or Code into your automation? Do you have any experience of integrating API or DLL?

20. What are the challenges or difficulty faced while automation in your projects or Applications?

21. How to implement the Risk and Disaster Management in your automation process? (This question is asked when required concurrent systems to the risk of system failures?)

22. What is the Control Room?

23. How to add/remove Clients in the control room?

24. What are the development and run time client?

25. Which version of AA you have used?

26. Explain different recorders in AA?

27. Difference between Manage Windows and Object Cloning?

28. What is ExcelConnector in OpenSpan?

29. The difference in Path and Target Path?