Liverpool’s Title Hopes Hang in the Balance: Salah’s Injury Under the Spotlight

Liverpool’s top attacker, has put a big dent in the team’s hopes of winning the Premier League. This blog post looks at how Salah’s absence will affect Liverpool’s chances of winning the league and their plan. The Impact of Salah’s Injury Without Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s offensive ability is much reduced. In addition to scoring goals, … Read more

Premier League 2024/22: Chelsea Faces Worrying Issues as Tuchel Believes They Are No Longer in a Title Race

Chelsea started the season strong with consistent, impressionable performances and occupied the top position in the Premier League table for quite some time, while many fans are singing the praise of Chelsea’s new German manager as a godsend to the team, the Blues seemed unstoppable in their pursuit of winning some silverware, while they are … Read more