100 Top Teradata Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Teradata multiple Choice Questions:-

1. Which statement is true about an OLTP environment?
A. Transactions are written intensive.
B. The number of rows transaction is large.
C. The number of rows per transaction is small.
D. Transactions typically occur within seconds, not minutes.

2. Which statement is true about partitioned primary indexes (ppl)?
A. ppl is beneficial in queries specifying range constraints.
B. Ppl is used to enhance performance against small tables.
C. They reduce the number of rows processed by using partition elimination.
D. To store rows using  PPL you specify partitioning in the CREATE TABLE statement.
ANS:: A, C

3. What are two benefits of not requiring rows to be stored in order in a table?
A. Unordered data allows for more rows in a data block.
B. Unordered data does not need maintenance to preserve order.
C. Unordered data is independent of any query being submitted.
D. Unordered data requires the use of all AMPs thereby increasing the parallelism of the total system.
ANS:: B, C

4. Which statement is true about a primary index operation?
A. The degree of uniqueness is not critical to efficiency.
B. When choosing a primary index you should pick a column with a severely limited value set.
C. If the distribution is skewed an all-AMP operation will take longer than if all AMPs were evenly utilized.
D. Selecting a NUPI for storing data provides for maximum efficiency and makes the best use of the parallel features of Teradata.

5. What are two reasons for choosing different columns for the primary index that are defined for the primary key?
A. Join performance.
B. Known access paths.
C. Even data distribution
D. To enforce uniqueness
ANS:: A, B

6. Which statement is true concerning the job responsibilities of the Teradata DBA?
A. Reorganizations are not required
B. Physical partitioning of disk space is not required
C. All related data can be placed in a single physical partition
D. Range distribution must be used to analyze data distribution
ANS:: A, B

7. In a two clique Teradata system, data is hashed across all AMPs?
A. System
B. Cluster
C. Clique
D. Disk array

8. A database administrator has defined a user with no permanent space. Which objects can be found in this user?
A. Views
B. Tables
C. Macros
D. Triggers

9. Which statement is true about temporary space?
A. Temporary space is assigned at the table level
B. Temporary space is subtracted from SysAdmin
C. Temporary space is spool space currently not used
D. Temporary space is permanent space currently not used

10. Which statement about the functions of the PE is true?
A. It  breaks down SQL requests into steps
B. It  verifies SQL requests for proper syntax
C. It  handles output conversion and formatting
D. It can manage up to 120 individual sessions
E. It determines which AMP should Receive a message

11. Which component can be involved in a connection between Teradata and a mainframe host?
D. ESCON cables
E. Host Channel Adapter

12. You have a Teradata system with 100 GB  of permanent space and you create user  A with 30 GB permanent space. If user A  creates user  B  with 20 GB of permanent space will user  A  have?
A. 10 GB
B. 30 GB
C. 70 GB
D. 80 GB

13. What is the function of an AMP?
A. It has access to a single vdik
B. It does output conversion and formatting
C. It does the physical work associated with generating an answer set
D. It develops the least expensive plan to return the requested response set

14. Which feature is unique to Teradata?
A. Mature  optimizer
B. Concurrent  users
C. Parallel  architecture
D. Industry  standard  access  language(SQL)
ANS:: A, C

15. What is the main feature of the Teradata database?
A. Portable   to  any   platform
B. Parallel  aware  optimizer
C. Unconditional   parallelism
D. Automatic   data  distribution

16. Due to linear scalability, which can Teradata provider?
A. Redundant data storage for fault tolerance
B. Ability to accommodate 32 CPUs on a node
C. Investment protection for application development
D. Increased workload without decreased throughput

17. Which utility allows you to copy a table and restore it to another   Teradata database?
A. FastExport
B. Table  Rebuild
C. Archive  Recovery
D. Teradata   Copy  Tool

18. Which tool restricts queries based on a set threshold?
C. Teradata  Manager
D. Teradata    SQL  Assistant

19. Which utility performs block-level operating against populated tables?
A. Tpump
B. BulkLoad
C. Fastload
D. Multiload

20. Which tool and utility is part of the Teradata   Analyst suite?
A. Teradata   index   Wizard
B. Query  Capture   Database
C. Priority   Scheduler   Facility
D. Teradata  System Emulation  Tool
E. Teradata  Dynamic  Query   Manager

21. Which statement is true about Fallback?
A. Fallback  is  associated  with  AMP  cluster
B. Fallback   can  be  specified   at  the  table  level
C. Fallback  does  not  require  additional  disk  space
D. Fallback  is  a  data  protection  scheme  that  uses  cliques
ANS:: A, B

22. Which feature of transient journaling ensures data integrity?
A. It  is  automatic
B. After  images   of  changed  rows  are  captured
C. Transient  journal  rows  are   deleted by  a  restart
D. Data  is  returned  to  its  original  state  after a transaction   failure
ANS:: A, D

23. Which statement is true about RAID  5  protection?
A. A  disk  failure  does  not  affect  performance
B. Missing  blocks   of  data  can  be  reconstructed
C. RAID  5  has  a  higher  space penalty  than RAID  1
D. Data  and  parity  are   striped  across  a  rank  of  disks
ANS:: A, C

24. Which statement about vproc migration during a node failure is true?
A. Access   to  all  data  is  maintained
B. Access  to  some  data  is  maintained
C. System  performance  remains  constant
D. System  performance   degradation   is  proportional  to  clique  size
ANS:: A, D

25. Which is the characteristic of  Active  Data  Warehousing?
A. Allows  for  data  redundancy
B. Provides  scalability  to support  large  amounts  of  detailed  data
C. Allows  users to directly  update  the  operational  data store (ODS)
D. Provides  an integrated environment  that supports   strategic  and  tactical queries

26. Which stage in the data warehouse usage evolution lead to  Active Data Warehousing?
A. Data access
B. Continuous update
C. Analytical modeling
D. Program modification
E. Event-based triggering

27. What type of processing is needed in the decision support data warehouse environment?
A. Ad hoc queries
B. Pre-defined reports
C. Analytical modeling
D. Continuous update
E. Event-based triggering

28. Which type of data is found in data mart?
A. Detailed data for a particular use
B. All detailed data for general use
C. Summary data for a particular use
D. A summarized subset of detailed data for general use
ANS:: A, C

29. What is the benefit of a centrally located logical architecture?
A. Minimizes synchronization
B. Reduces departmental politics
C. Provides departmental data control
D. Provides a single view of the business
ANS:: A, D

30. How many AMP(s)  are typically when using a unique secondary index?
A. One-AMP
B. Two-AMP
C. Multi-AMP
D. All-AMP

31. What happens when a  full table scan occurs on Teradata?
A. Each data block for a table is read
B. Each data row is accessed only one
C. All data rows are copied into temporary space
D. A random set of data blocks for a table is read
ANS:: A, B

32. How does Teradata handle data access?
A. The PEs handle session control functions
B. The BYNET sends communication between the nodes
C. The BYNET sends the answer set back to the application
D. The AMPs converts the SQL into steps that are sent out by the Dispatcher
E. The AMPs retrieves and performs database functions on the requested rows

33. What type of indexes available in the  Teradata RDBMS?
A. Join index
B. Hash index
C. Primary key index
D. Value ordered index

34. How is data distributed with a partitioned primary index?
A. It  is  based on the secondary index
B. It is on the partitioning column
C. It is based on the primary key of the table
D. It is based on the primary index of the table

35. Which is the reason for a unique primary index (UPI)?
A. A UPI is the primary key of the table
B. A UPI access is a one AMP operation
C. A UPI guarantees even data distribution
D. A UPI requires no duplicate row checking during loads

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36. What is the advantage of a Teradata relational database?
A. It  requires users to know the access path of the data
B. It  contains logically related data for a  specific purpose
C. It is designed to represent a business and its practices
D. It allows maximum flexibility in selecting and using data

37. According to relational concepts, which is a characteristic of a row?
A. Row sequence is  specified
B. Rows can have different formats
C. A row is one instance of all columns
D. Duplicate rows are allowed in a table

38. What are the characteristics of a Teradata RDBMS?
A. Is application driven
B. Models the process
C. Models the business
D. Is easy to understand
E. Is founded on mathematical set theory

39. What is relational database concepts that govern how rows, columns, and tables are created?
A. The order of rows in a table is arbitrary
B. A table can contain only one-row formats
C. A table can contain multiple row formats
D. The order of rows in a table is keyed to the primary index
ANS:: A, B

40. Due to linear scalability, which can Teradata provide?
A. Redundant data storage for fault tolerance
B. Ability to accommodate 32 CPUs on a node
C. Investment protection for application development
D. Increased workload without decreased throughput

41. Why would you have two physical LAN connections per node connected to the customer’s network?
A. For  redundancy
B. To double the requested speed
C. So two session connections can be  made concurrently
D. So one can accept requests and the other can return responses

42. Which feature is not unique to Teradata?
A. Mature optimizer
B. Concurrent users
C. Parallel architecture
D. Industry standard access language  (SQL)
ANS:: A, C

43.     Teradata Has been called a —————- architecture.
A. Shared Nothing
B. Anything  Goes.
c. Shared Nothing.
D.Dual Redundant.

44.     What are the attributes of the Teradata database?
A. The Optimizer is parallel aware
B. only runs on UNIX.
C. Data distribution is Automatic.
D. Designed around online Transaction Processing.

45.    What does linear Scalability provide?
A.Protection on Investment for application Development.
B.Unconditional,quick response times for data quires.
C. Increase workload without decreased throughput.
D. Consistent results with inconsistent data.
ANS:: A, C.

46.    Which two Statements are true concerning the benefits of a business modal?
A.  The Data modal is consistent no matter how much data.
B.  Data is organized by what it represents.
C.  Data never Skewed.
D.  Allows DBA’s to distribute data properly.

47.    Whose attributes which best describe OLTP?
A.  Based on the transactional set theory.
B.  Exceptional for processing ad hoc quires.A small number of rows for the transaction.
C.  A small number of rows for the transaction.
D. A transaction typically occurs in seconds instead of minutes.
ANS:: C,D.

48. an RDBMS lets you view the data as a collection of:

49. which two statements are true
A. In the tera data structure, a user  is similar to database
B. a user must always have a password
C.in Teradata, a database must always contain tables
D.a tera data database must always have perm space allocated to it

50. Indexes are unique values:
B.some times

51. What ensures even data distribution?
A.data that is correctly portioned prior to loading
B.tables with an even number of rows.
C.a primary index column with unique values.
D.many tables related to each other

52. in tera data, a full-table scan is extremely rare and performed only when a user specifically requests it.

53. Which statement about archival utilities is true?
A.Arc is used along with net value or net backup in network –attached client environments.
B.teradata archival utilities can restore data from tape media.
C.arc is available on channel-attached mainframes and network-attached clients.
D.netvalt  is available on Microsoft Windows, and net backup is available on Unix mp-ras.

54. Vprocs in Tera data systems communicate over the :
b.channel connection

55. Which statement about hashing is true
A.the uniqueness values is a component of the row hash value.
B.in a table that has a  nupi all rows with the same nupi values are distributed to the same amp.
C.two primary index values that hash to the same row hash values are called hash synonyms.
D. the output of the hashing algorithm is called the hash map.

56. A clique is a group of nodes that share access to the same:
A.disk arrays
B.network connections
C.clique setting in the software

57. Duplicate rows are not allowed in:
A.the relational model
B.the Teradata database
C.tables distributed acrossampsbased on a nupi
D.The ANSI standard
Ans: A

58. Which statement about rad is true?
A.RAID 1 uses mirroring, to provide data protection
B.RAID 1 users party to provide data protection.
C.RAID 5 uses mirroring to provide data protection
D.RAID 5uses parity to provide data protection.

59. Afall back cluster is a group of:
A.disk arrays
Ans :d

60. Which  of these are rules for foreign keys in relational theory
A.a foreign key always affects how relational data is distributed.
B. A Foreign key value may be non-unique.
C. A Foreign key must exist as a primary key in the related table.
d.A table must have one, and only one, foreign key.

61. Which statement about transient journals is true?
A.provide full –table recovery to a specific point in time.
B. Automatically maintains data integrity when in –flight transactions are interrupted.
C.data is returned to its original state after a transaction failure.
d.allows continued system operation while an amp is down.

62. primary key value
A.are always unique
b.Are used for distributing data
ans: A

63. Which statement about indexes is true?
A.both primary and secondary indexes can be created at any time during the lifetime of a table.
B. Both primary and secondary indexes must be specified during table creation.
C. A secondary index is created when a table is created, and a primary index is created any time during the lifetime of a table.
D. A primary index is created when a table is created, A secondary index is created any time during the lifetime of a table.

64. in Teradata’s parallel enviourment, response time is as fast as:
A: The average performance of all amps involved
B. The fastest amp involved
C.the slowest amp involved.
Ans: A

65. The sum of maximum spool speace limits for all databases and users can exceed the disk speace capacity, but the actual disk speace consumed is limited by the disk speace capacity
Ans: a

66. the sum of all perm and spill space consumed at any point in time cannot exceed the sum of all disk space available on the system.

67. A Clique provides protections in the event of a:
A.None of these
B.disk failure
C.disk array controller failure
D.node failure

68. all systems have one and only one clique:

69. Which of the following statement is true because of the scalability of Teradata?
A.to increase system capacity, you can add hardware to an existing system.
B. You will have to rewrite custom application designed for small systems when you add new hardware to increase system capacity.
c.you can same Teradata utilities regardless of system size
D. You can use the same database model until you reach twice the data volume it was designed for.

70. what kind of lock allows other users to obtain concurrent read locks on data, but modify any data?
B. Read
C. Write